Altrincham based law firm with over 37 years combined experience and over 20 years experience as High Court Advocates in the Crown Court covering cases country wide.

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Our range of services include

Criminal law

Road traffic offences

Key people

Jonathan Mail

Jon Mail has been qualified as a solicitor for over twenty years and is a Duty Solicitor and Higher Rights Court Advocate. Over the years Jon has dealt with all aspects of Criminal Law , defending such allegations as commercial fraud, white collar crime, tax fraud, money laundering, serious crime and motoring offences.

Jon Mail Solicitors & Co have clients throughout the country and consider the interest of the client to be paramount.

Admitted to the role in 1990 and over 10 years experience as a High Court Advocate.


Nnamdi Inegbu

Nnamdi has vast experience in both Criminal Law, Fraud, and Road Traffic offences, having worked in these areas for several years and Nnamdi prides himself on giving clients straightforward, robust advice and assistance.

Nnamdi takes a keen interest in representing defendants in the magistrate's court on a daily basis and has successfully represented numerous clients over the years.

Nnamdi takes pride in his work, dedicating his time and efforts in ensuring no stone is left unturned when representing his clients up and down the Country.

Nnamdi understands the impact that false accusation can have upon the innocent, therefore, he always goes the extra mile for his clients.

Admitted to the role in 2005 and has over 10 years experience as a High Court Advocate.

Privately Funded Criminal Cases

We are as transparent as possible when discussing costs. Our lawyers may charge fees based upon an hourly rate as agreed from the outset. They will provide estimates as to total likely costs. These estimates will be regularly updated. We can also agree a fee for representation either in respect of a particular stage of a case or for the case in its entirety.


Private Client Charging Rates Per Hour

Attendance and preparation - £250 plus VAT at 20%
Travel and waiting - £100 plus VAT at 20%
Telephone calls and letters - £50 each plus VAT at 20%


Motoring Offences

We are required to provide price information for assistance in relation to summary only motoring offences, those offences dealt with in the Magistrates Court.

We can undertake this on an hourly rate basis, as set out in the rates above , and we can provide an estimate of the number of hours at the outset.

This price will include the following : considering the evidence, providing advice in relation to plea and likely sentence, where appropriate advice on whether an Exceptional Hardship or Special Reasons argument should be made.

The price will include the taking of statements from and examination of witnesses.

The price may be subject to further disbursements, like parking and mileage (at 0.45 a mile).

In relation to time scales guilty pleas will normally be dealt with and finalised on the first date of hearing. In the case of a not guilty plea we would anticipate the case to be finalised within between six to nine months.


Motoring Offences Fixed Fee

Drink or Drug Driving offences, guilty plea – fixed fee £350 plus VAT at 20%

This fee includes :
2 hours attendance /preparation
Considering the evidence
Taking instructions
Providing advice as to likely sentence
Attendance and representation at a single hearing at the Magistrates Court

The fee does not include :
Instruction of any expert witnesses
Taking statements from any witnesses
Advice and assistance in relation to a Special Reasons hearing
Advice or assistance in relation to any appeal
Disbursements, like parking or mileage ( at 0.45 a mile )

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